One great benefit of marketing is that on an ongoing basis it allows people to give you feedback about your business and ...

Date: January, 2006
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Branding Corporate Identity

One great benefit of marketing is that on an ongoing basis it allows people to give you feedback about your business and what you offer. Through your marketing activities and a strong corporate identity you will be generating feedback from your customers they will either support you or they won't.

A company can enhance its company logo branding simply by listening to customers and potential customers. People want to be heard; when they know that they have a go-to brand that provides exactly the service they are asking for, they will have no need to go anywhere else. If you don't present yourself clearly and you cannot offer what they want then they might well vote with their feet and walk away. This is why branding and having the right corporate identity is so critical to the success of a business.

One of the most popular topics for business owners always tends to be branding and corporate identity. This makes a lot of sense. After all, branding and your corporate identity is central to your marketing strategy - it is the visible and emotional badge representing your standards and values.

A strong brand identity adds tremendous value to a business; indeed it can be your strongest asset; or your worst liability. An effective brand should:
- Create your desired perception and positioning within your market
- Create clear differentiation from your competition
- Deliver an emotional 'feel-good' factor
- Provide strong recognition and memory recall value
- Impart your values and persona

Company logo and branding campaigns have never been more important. With so much competition, and on such a global scale, it's critical to establish one's company logo as a stayer and a player. A fresh company logo along with permission based email, advertising, value added information and a strong product will enhance your company's success for years to come.

When you take a moment to assess the corporate logos and brands that have achieved the most success in the marketplace, you soon realize that the most important thing is to find a design that will last for decades. You want a design that it encapsulates everything about your organization now and into the future and is not too traditional that it is boring, nor too trendy that it will be out of date next year. Sometimes you may even opt to incorporate something about the history of the company in the corporate logo and branding package if that is an important part of the companies culture.

When you embark on having a corporate logo designed for your company, you need to remember that it is critical that the final design represents your organization as succinctly as possible. Ask your designer to help you create a design that is not too large or too small, that is easy to remember and friendly on the eye. Your logo ideally, will tell a story in just seconds and stay with the viewer for hours or even days later.


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