If you want to know if your logo is a good one, you first need to realize why you need a company logo in the first place. Of ...

Date: March 18, 2004
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If you want to know if your logo is a good one, you first need to realize why you need a company logo in the first place. Of all the things you do to create a brand image, creating you logo is one of the most important. Your logo is the key to building the identity of your company. That's not all it's for, though. It should also communicate a powerful, positive and enduring message to your current and future customers.

Imagine all the places you'd like to see your logo printed. If you're just starting to develop the identity of your business, your logo will go many places. It's not just for stationary and business cards. Nowadays, you have to think about the Internet, and there are also the classics of the newspaper classifieds and magazine print. The trick is remembering all these uses when working with your designers.

You know you have a successful logo when it conveys both the character and the nature of your business to the people who see it. How does one get all those ideas into one little graphic? Here are some tips: Be clear with your designers. When you order your company logo design, give them a clear picture of the tone you'd like your logo to have. Make sure they have a clear understanding of your business and your clients. But remember, you are the businessperson, and they are the designer. Take time to ask them what they think would be best.

Make sure you find an experienced firm to handle your logo design. They can tell you the best kind of logo for your business. Ask to see their market research about the kinds of logos used in your industry, and make sure they have an understanding of your competitors' logos and their effectiveness. From there, they should provide to you a set of logos from which to choose, and then they will customize your choice until you are satisfied.

To make sure your business stands out from the rest, don't go with cheap amateur designs. Just as in any other industry, the professionals know best, and spending that extra money can provide great results for the life of your business. These days, many design firms have packages for even the smallest of companies. So look into your options, and make sure you check out a company's portfolio and pricing before you commit. When you find the right firm for your logo needs, you can come up with the perfect design for a reasonable price.


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