The first time you meet your customer, it might be through letterhead and envelopes. Everyone knows first impressions ...

Date: June, 2005
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The first time you meet your customer, it might be through letterhead and envelopes. Everyone knows first impressions are important, but even your regulars need to feel that your business is still a quality place to take their money. The look and feel of your stationary, including the graphic design and the company logo, can have a hidden effect on the kind of message your letters carry. Not everyone knows that having a professional and attractive company logo can actually increase business by retaining customers and generating referrals.

So, adding a well designed company logo to your letterhead, business cards and website is a critical marketing investment. This is why so many companies go to great lengths to ensure that they have a clean, impressive company logo design that will impress both new and potential customers.

Many business owners make sure their company logo looks great on advertising, but they sometimes neglect the quality of their stationary. This is a mistake. There is so much junk mail out there. You do not want your envelope to look like cheap trash. Pay close attention to your company logo and the design of your envelope. You want to have an attractive package that looks professional, interesting and useful to the customer. Your design professional can give you advice on the look of your envelopes and the use of your logo on the stationary.

When using the mail to communicate with your current and possible customers, think of the envelope as your voice to them. You want it to be clear and confident, projecting a strong company message and brand. This will help you express your company's values and culture, and it will help your customers understand exactly what your business is about.

Maybe you think having a professional design is expensive. Not necessarily. Look at all your options and you can see that some of the very experienced internet-based designers can create an image for your business that is just as good as costly alternatives. Retaining an online design professional can help you project a better image for your business. All it takes is the time to find a designer that can create the best representation for your company.

If you're trying to turn potential customers into actual ones, you need to build in their minds an awareness of your brand. Your brand needs to stand out in a distinct position and let the customer know what he or she can expect from your company in terms of quality and satisfaction. Reputation is one of the biggest parts of building your brand.

Experiential branding embraces every one of the customers' dealings with your company logo. You can't control all of them, but you can plan ahead to make sure you are putting your best image forward for the customer.


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