Our corporate identity design portfolio is currently being photographed for web. Please contact us for more corporate identity samples.

New Kira Floorings Identity & Brand Manual

We've designed a simple yet modern identity for Kira Floorings - a representative of PARADOR Floorings, from Germany, one of the leading flooring manufacturers in Europe. Kira Floorings has 14% of the Egyptian market share and they are starting in Dubai by 11/2014.

Random 42 Medical Animation Corporate Identity

Random42 is the world's premier medical animation company. Over the past 20 years they have created over 200 mechanism-of-action (MoA) medical animations for the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies and won over 90 industry awards.

How To Go Green

Description to be posted shortly.

Area 38 corporate identity

Video production company corporate identity and stationery design. Full description will be posted shortly.

Classrooms Online Identity

We developed a contemporary corporate design to reflect the high level of the services being offered. Our design strategy was to build on the strengths of the brand and enable visibility in a consistent visual language. The visual impact was created through the use of circular shapes to suggest the idea of continuity and completeness. The resulting identity is playful but technical at the same time, allowing the brand to make its mark.

Onderhoud Zullen

Flyer and conference poster. Description will be posted shortly.

Clearwater Clinical Identity

Clearwater Clinical Limited designs and manufactures innovative medical-grade devices that enable effective low-cost treatment of common medical conditions. The project consisted of creating a distinct identity and visual code to reflect the organization’s mission. The identity focused on creating a series of graphic codes and colors to reflect the strength of the company, so blue plays a major role in the identity. We helped promote the idea of including a cross in the company logo, this symbol being instantly recognized around the world, and reflect the company role.

Echo Boomers

Echo Boomers is a full service design and media production company, we were in charge with their corporate identity and stationery design. Check back soon for new photos and information on the project.

Generacion Identity Design

We were commissioned to create a dynamic corporate identity that reflects the drive of creative spirit. Our approach was to design a visual system that will enable a broad appeal and resonate with the audience. By using clean typefaces and stylish black and white photography we managed to convey the ideas of clarity and universal communication. Also included was a poster to raise awareness about the festival and a schedule of events.

Jaroslav Geller Corporate Identity

Architecture firm branding, corporate identity design and stationery. Description will be posted shortly.

Green Village Preservation Society

Logo Design and Identity for US non-profit organization. Details will follow shortly.

Renokraft Identity

Renokraft will be an Architecture and Interior Design Company for renovation works, garden works, landscaping, interior design as well as a supplier of customized products around the home: italian design furniture, handmade smith products etc.

Melany Lane

We were asked to work on naming and identity design for a new couture boutique in Moscow.

Autobahn Records Group

Electronic music label corporate identity design and promo packaging. Check back shortly for full project description and new photos.