What's in a color? More than you might think.
Since you're more likely a businessman than an artist, we're here ...

Date: March 18, 2004
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What's in a color? More than you might think.
Since you're more likely a businessman than an artist, we're here to give you some helpful tips on picking the right palette for your logo.

For your corporate logo, look for colors that:

Convey a positive message: Think about the colors of your industry. While black is great in sales, it's seen as a depressing color in much of the rest of society. Green is great for a lawn service, bad for a bakery. Choose the colors that represent the best of your work. Brainstorm by writing out the names of colors then writing beneath them the things they represent in your business. Choose from the best of those to create a positive feel for your corporate logo.

Convey the feel of your work: Think about the energy and emotions of your business and try to find a palette that reflects them. A high-energy business is most likely to go with bright or neon colors, while a more muted business, like a funeral home, might choose a softer look.

You enjoy: Go with your own style. You'll have to live and work with your logo the most, so it should please you first and foremost. These colors also reflect more about you than you realize, so you will be revealing the character of your business in the process and speak to potential customers about who you are.

You wear: Nothing says professional like a coordinated color palette. Think about uniforms and your own personal wardrobe, especially if you work one-on-one with customers often. If both your logo and your attire use colors that reflect the attitude of your business, they will work to reinforce each other and create a stronger impression on your potential and current customers.

Match or complement each other: Look around at what colors you put together in your home or in your outfits. Choosing a clashing color combination will reflect poorly on your business, while choosing coordinating colors will provide a more pleasant image for your customer. Don't put two bold colors together. That will make your logo too harsh on the eyes.

Contrast each other: Think about many popular color combinations: the Orange and Blue of the Florida Gators, the red and green of Christmas. These colors are complete opposites. When you use colors that contrast each other, you can create an attractive and clear logo while only using two colors.


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