"Underground" Typography - Minimal Fonts

Are there any studies to back up the claims that less legible fonts are more effective due to their shock value and intrigue factor? I would love to sell my clients on such designs but I would need some back-up to support these claims.
9.07.2008 at 01:07
This is really not a very well-researched article. For one thing, these aren't "minimal fonts", they're just abstracted lettering. And if it doesn't read, it probably isn't a good identity; abstraction involves removing or re-shaping the letterforms while still retaining legibility.

Furthermore, I wouldn't call this a "trend." Typographic abstraction in this vein was being done during the Dada movement, 100 years ago.

Kevin: you can abstract letterforms and present them to your clients, but your concept will need to sell it, not studies.
12.08.2008 at 07:08

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