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We are proud to present a sample of our work for various clients in a wide range of business types. These are some of our most recent logo designs that we consider a solid proof of our total commitment to the highest standard of services. Take a look at our selection to make sure that we can create the right logo design for your company.

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Effective logo design plays a valued role in creating an iconic brand. It is our goal to develop a corporate identity that can represent your business in the most favorable way. A well designed logo is a major element towards building a strong brand and getting your message out with consistency and clarity. We hope the logo design portfolio included here will help you get a feel of our expertise.

Logoorange is a professional graphic design studio committed to delivering you the highest quality logo design solutions. We provide you with one of the most comprehensive lists of logo design trends and corporate identity resources. Feel free to browse through our logo design portfolio for samples of our work.