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Specialist pharmacist Heinrich Nestle was born in 1814 in Frankfurt and moved to Switzerland in 1843, where he proceeded to open his own pharmacy and sell a variety of products, including everything from drugs to fertilizer to mustard. Because the official language of Geneva was French, he changed his name to Henri Nestle. In 1867, Nestle sold milk products for mothers and then in 1904 began to manufacture and sell milk chocolate. The bird family that is used in the Logo dates back to the Nestle family coat of arms and symbolizes the meaning of the Nestle name "small nest".

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Nike was founded by Phil Knight in the 60s, but at that time he called it "Blue Ribbon Sports". The name Nike and its trademark swoosh design were brought about later, in 1971. Drawing from Greek mythology, Knight named his company Nike, after the goddess of victory. Thus, the Nike name provided the company with a strong association and image, especially appropriate for a sports gear company, which positions itself in the market as a leader of sport footwear and uses the greatest athletes and the record of their achievements in its advertising. The swoosh logo was originally developed by a graphic designer, Carolyn Davidson in 1971. She was one of 35 people who made suggestions as to what logo to use for the organization. The owners met and agreed on Davidson's design, taking into account her conceptual thinking about the wings of the Greek goddess Nike According to Davidson, Knight asked for a design that suggested movement- originally disliking the swoosh she submitted, but as Knight had deadlines to meet, he ended up using it saying "I don't love it, but it will grow on me". As the time passed, the Swoosh logo has become synonymous with the company. Together with Just Do It slogan, the Swoosh logo perfectly expresses the essence of the Nike brand and its philosophy. They show people the way to the determination, needed for reaching a desired mark in their sporting activities. It expresses well a high ambition and a will for victory, which the Nike Company made a part of its brand image and corporate culture.

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This well known and highly regarded product emerged out of Germany in 1911. The name itself derived from the Latin terms "nivis" and "snow." Similarly, to maintain a look of freshness and cleanliness, the designers used the color blue. When the blue was introduced in 1925 this was also a socially acceptable color as it had no links to political parties.

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